Concordia Salsa

Brettspiel Concordia Salsa (Erweiterung)


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Isidor Konrad Maier | 28.10.2018

I think the tribune becomes too overpowered by the forum cards. Therefore you would probably play him quite early.
And when you get your cards back so often, you actually do not need so many cards. I would even say that buying cards nearly does not improve your economy at all. These circumstances unbalance the strategy. First building many houses and colonists and go for cards later is the way to go too often.
My idea would be:
Establish a new start deck card which should be used to take new forum tiles where the set of choice should depend on how many cards you played before. Maybe the Tribune's ability to get a new colonist should be shifted to this new card to avoid that the new card is underpowered.
Buying cards should become more expensive during the game in any way, because towns do also get more expensive

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Redaktionelle Wertung:

So werten wir Hingucker

Spieleranzahl: 2 bis 5

Alter: ab 12 Jahren

Spieldauer: 90 Minuten

Preis: 27 Euro

Erscheinungsjahr: 2015

Verlag: PD - Verlag

Autor: Mac Gerdts


Spieleserie: Concordia

Genre: Kartenbrettspiel, Strategie, Taktik


1 beidseitiger Spielplan Byzantium/Hispania
12 Salz
4 Salzstädte
2 Spielhilfen Salzstädte
27 Forumskarten
1 Blancokarte
1 Karte "Prefektus Magnus"
5 Bonusmarker
1 Spielanleitung (deutsch/englisch)

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