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Thereabout 2002, the time of the telecommunication’s tailspin, Vic and Tim, trying to terminate the twiddling of their thumbs, took to talking of tomfoolery (aka games). Taskless, with tons of time, they transcribed their thoughts on tablets and thoroughly topped their tables with technical tessellations, traversing them with tiny thin triangular tokens, tuning and tweaking their tactics and theories.

TrollTrudging through their thousands of tangled thoughts, the tenacious team of Vic and Tim tirelessly toiled, troubleshooting themes and truncating terms. In time, they triumphantly turned out a game that was tense and topsy-turvy, thoroughly thrilling the testers. The title: ScrumBrawl.

They then tapped the true talent, their teammate Jason. The transcendent illustrator transformed the tame and tepid text-based tokens and cards into tantalizing treats, tracing the total tally of the tribes of ScrumBrawl from the theatrical Transmuter to the tough-to-terminate Troll and terrible toxic-tongued Tuatara.

The tetrad of VicTim was tied together by Tarek, the tyrant of timeliness and the taskmaster of the team, thumping tails if things trailed off.

VicTim thus tailored a titillating treasure of tomfoolery, the game of ScrumBrawl, and they thoroughly thank you for trying their inaugural title.


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Scrumbrawl (2011)


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