Whales Destroying the World on Kickstarter

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Spiele Neuling
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Whales Destroying the World on Kickstarter

Beitragvon Bedikk » Mittwoch 12. Dezember 2018, 19:59

Hi, sorry for writing in English, since I don’t know German. But our backers do and they told me there is a great German community of Kickstarters here. I wanted to share with you my little project called Whales Destroying the World. It’s a bluffing game with hidden roles for 3-6 players for 10-20 minutes. The game is super fun and we will be having German rules translated and printed as a rulebook right in the box (the cards are language independent). I would be thrilled if you could have a look at the campaign. The game costs 15 dollars with 4 dollars shipping to Germany.

The campaign ends in December 14. So there are 2 days to jump in. We have unlocked some new cards in Stretch Goals.


P.S. We are a small company from Prague. Thanks!

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